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About ABC Lock & Key Automotive Air Conditioning

We repair radiators, automotive air conditioning and heating systems for all your vehicle needs.

We check hoses, seals, lines and other components for wear and tear and leaks. We also check temperature readings to make sure your compressor is working correctly and inspect your drive belt for damage.

If refrigerant is leaking, it will affect your comfort and environment. When your automobile's refrigerant leaks, it can damage other components like your evaporator and compressor. Early discovery of a problem will save you money. Call us at today at, 718-352-8429

    We can make you automobile experience more comfortable.

  • Recheck the system to assure your automobiles air conditioning system works correctly
  • Perform all needed repairs and service on electrical controls, evaporator, compressor and condenser.
  • Evacuation of refrigerant from your vehicles system.
  • Recharge your automobile's system using the proper refrigerant to system capacity adhering to the manufacturers recommendation

Our certified professional service technicians will ensure quality work and a great price.

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